Managing your IT needs on your own can sometimes be a puzzling ordeal. What you need is an expert who knows how all the pieces fit together.

Wide and Local Area Networking

As the need for connectivity to your data increases, so does the need to ensure that the methods of connecting to your data are reliable and secure. Binkley IT Consulting can help design, implement and support your Desktops, Servers, Firewalls, Routers or pretty much anything else IT related.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Virtual Technology and Cloud Computing has revolutionized the IT world, allowing us to take full advantage of the power of today's servers, while also providing better connectivity. Let Binkley IT Consulting help you consolidate your hardware, lower your IT costs, and extend the lifespan of your current technology by employing Virtual Technologies either on-site or in the cloud.

Electronic and Mobile Messaging

In today's fast paced business world we expect so much from our email systems. The need to synchronize e-mail, contacts and calendar events in real-time, while not being tethered to a single location, is a real concern for all businesses. Whether you want an on-site or a hosted email solution, Binkley IT Consulting can help meet your Electronic Messaging expectations.

Website Development

Is it time to update your old website? Binkley IT Consulting offers both staffed and partnered Web Designers that can give your old website a face-lift or create a new site for you from scratch. As well, we can offer many hosting and management solutions for your website that will accommodate any budget.

My name is Brad Binkley. I am the owner and founder of Binkley IT Consulting, a company dedicated to providing network administration and technology support for small and medium sized business.

Since 1999, I have been providing expert and valuable network administration to business in the Denver Metro Area.

My philosophy is to ensure that every experience that my clients and their employees have with me and my company is productive, enjoyable and above all they are treated with the respect each of us deserve. I am on a mission to change the stereotype that it has to be difficult dealing with your IT Staff. Instead of merely tolerating your 'IT Guy', my goal is to provide you with such amazing customer service that you look forward to the next time you have a network problem. Because you know we will be there to help.

Binkley IT Consulting will provide value to your business. That value could be the money you will save when outsourcing your support to us instead of hiring a full time IT employee, or the time you will save letting us manage your technology so you can spend your time focusing on other important aspects of your business. Either way, it's the idea of partnering up with an IT expert so you can eliminate worrying about your IT needs. And it's the best kind of partnership: a partner who you don't have to share profits with, unless you want to.

I want business owners to know that there is a better way of doing IT. A way where it is possible to have a great relationship with your IT consultant: one who has a great personality and allows you to keep your dignity without sacrificing expertise. Binkley IT Consulting will help you solve your IT PUZZLE, one piece at a time!

We have some amazing clients who are excited about what we do. Here is what they have to say:

"Our business comes to a grinding halt if we don't have phones or internet, so I rely on Binkley IT very much. Brad responds quickly to issues we may have, and is able to resolve most issues either remotely, or will do whatever he can to get us back up and running with minimal down time. I appreciate that I can count on Binkley IT and would recommend them to any company that needs an IT solution."
Kristin Dye

"Binkley IT Consulting has provided us with excellent customer service at very reasonable costs. Brad knows his stuff and is very responsive and easy to work with. He is quick to respond to requests any day of the week at any time of the day. He is very fast at solving problems so there is rarely any down time for our employees. His fees are much lower than other IT consultants and his pleasant personality make our interactions a delight. I highly recommend him for any business looking for reliable, quality IT outsourcing"
Chris Robinson
Crossroads Community Church

"We're so grateful for the support and partnership with Binkley IT consulting. We are a family-owned business and have had our share of struggles getting up to speed in an advancing technological world. Brad has been patient, resourceful, supportive, and extremely helpful as we navigate this path. He works to find us solutions and does not try to "sell" us on upgrades or systems that do not fit our needs. We feel we can trust him and his employees, and we are grateful to have him as a collaborator in business. They most certainly deserve to be bragged about!"
Erin Larrabee
Larrabee's Furniture

"To say that Brad Binkley is responsive is the same as saying the Broncos didn't play their best in the Super Bowl last year. Massive understatement. This guy is absolutely fantastic! When a supplier such as Brad "gets" your business and what you are trying to accomplish, it is such a relief that you can devote time to other vendors and suppliers who need attention. We especially enjoy the added value consulting for our phone and internet providers as well as custom software solutions that integrate with our main software platform. We have 50+ employees and I would bet that Brad could name most of them and which location they work at. Brad is a great partner of ours and we wish him luck in 2015."
Kirk Dryden
Specialty Appliances

"Binkley IT provides amazing service and solutions when my PC fails rendering my business out of commission. Brad Binkley and his staff are the most responsive, knowledgeable and accessible company I've ever worked with to solve IT issues.

My company supports businesses and when my PC has issues, the ripple effect is deep. Binkley IT solves the immediate issue and also educates my staff on how to be on top of programs and solutions which help my business run more efficently and effective. I keep Binkley IT on speed dial and LOVE their work! Thank you Brad -- you make running a business more joyful! We are so grateful to you and for you."
Kimbirly Orr
Knock Out Performance

"Brad is the consummate IT professional. There is really nothing he can't fix and maintain when it comes to your network and technology needs. He provides wise counsel, works hard to keep your systems running smoothly, and is as reliable as the Colorado sunshine. Brad has been my 'IT guy' at three different companies now, and his expertise, trustworthiness and friendly demeanor are what helps him exceed my expectations every time."
Leanne Smullen
Senior Marketing Professional

We would love to hear from you! If you have a question or a comment, please let us know. If you need help, we will be there.
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